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NFD nanocomposite technology improves plastic wear resistanc

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As a high-performance composite material manufacturer, NFD attaches great importance to the research and development and innovation of modified composite materials, and supports customers with effective wear-resistant plastic modification solutions in continuous innovation and optimization.
NFD nanocomposite technology improves plastic wear resistance
Among all the composite materials modification processes of Xinfuda (NFD), the research on super wear-resistant plastics has always been the top priority. Composite modification, as an important means to achieve high wear resistance of plastics, has achieved high strength and high wear resistance. It has extensive research and application value in aspects such as light weight, functionalization, etc., and is currently being researched by Xinfuda (NFD) as the core modification technology.
After more than two years of unremitting efforts by scientific researchers, NFD has successively developed TPI, PAI, PEI, PEEK, PAEK, PEKK, PPES, PPSU, PSU, LCP, PPS, PPA, PA66, PA6, PA12, POM, PBT, PC , PPO, PTE, ABS, PP, HDPE, PA610, PA612, PA46, TPU and other 60 kinds of plastics as the base material, nearly 2736 models of high wear-resistant plastic formulas, the rich formula combination has greatly expanded the application field of high wear-resistant plastics, At the same time, it also provides customers with a wider choice of materials and achieves the goal of "replacing steel with plastic".
Due to the continuous investment of Xinfuda and continuous breakthroughs in research and development, self-lubricating and high wear-resistant plastics have become the company's core products, and it is also a strong backing for NFD to compete with well-known foreign brands on the same stage.
It is reported that some customers use bearings made of NFD plastic, because the use of nano-materials filled cross-linked special modified wear-resistant plastics, has far surpassed the existing metal bearings, and successfully achieved "plastic instead of steel". According to customer experimental data, Compared with the old formula, its abrasion is reduced by nearly 100 times! This major discovery laid a solid foundation for the development and growth of NFD in the wear-resistant industry.
New Fuda (NFD) will release the new research and development results of nano-wear-resistant plastics at CHINAPLAS 2020, so that this new technology will benefit more customers.
In addition, in cooperation with a Chinese company, Xinfuda successfully developed for the enterprise self-lubricating, high wear resistance (wear resistance value can reach five times the metal), high temperature resistance, low noise, long life and other characteristics Special plastic bearings, the effect is remarkable.
Synflex engineers embed solid grease as tiny particles in a microgrid of countless nanometers. When the bearing starts to move, these massive small solid grease particles are released from the fine grid and quickly fill the entire working surface, thereby improving the comprehensive wear resistance, lubrication performance and bearing life of the material. When the working area is filled with grease, a layer of self-lubricating isolation film will be formed, and the wear rate of the bearing will be greatly reduced and the noise will be kept low during subsequent use.
At present, this series of bearings have been successfully listed on the market, and have shown more obvious advantages than metal bearings in the tens of millions of motion inspections each year. They have become the target products to replace metal bearings to achieve weight reduction, intelligence, and low cost. The application market is vast.