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Promising plastic antenna

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The antenna element is the core component of the antenna. The antenna element, as the main component of the antenna, is mainly responsible for amplifying the signal and controlling the signal radiation direction, which can also make the electromagnetic signal received by the antenna stronger.
Promising plastic antenna
In the 5G era, due to the higher frequency band and the use of Massive-MIMO technology, the size of antenna elements has become smaller and the number has increased significantly. Considering antenna performance and AAU installation issues, plastic antenna element solutions have certain comprehensive advantages.
In order to cope with the changes of the new 5G antenna, a new process appears on the market-a 3D selective electroplating plastic vibrator solution.
The so-called plastic antenna vibrator is a modified plastic material containing an organic metal compound. It uses injection molding to make a complex 3D three-dimensional shape at one time, and then uses special technology to metalize the plastic surface. While ensuring that the antenna meets the performance of 5G electrical appliances, the plastic vibrator greatly reduces the weight of the product, reduces dangerous process steps, and saves costs.
In addition to being very light, 3D plastic vibrators can also meet the precision requirements that cannot be achieved with sheet metal and die casting processes. Injection molding and selective plating are very high-precision processes. Combining them together can ensure that the accuracy of the antenna element meets the requirements of high-frequency scenarios above 3.5G.