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Eastman expands high-performance membrane business capacity

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On January 9, Eastman announced the expansion of production capacity at its manufacturing facility in Dresden, Germany, to support new coating and film production lines. This investment will support the strong growth of Eastman's high-performance brand coating protection and window film products. The expansion will supplement Eastman's assets in Martinsville, Virginia and is expected to go live in mid-2021, while bringing about 50 new jobs to the area.
Eastman expands high-performance membrane business capacity
"We are pleased to announce this investment in our Dresden plant and high-performance film business. The additional capacity will allow us to meet European and global paint protection," said Erin Bernhardt, general manager of Eastman's high-performance film business. Film continues to grow strongly and offers multiple features to meet the growing needs of high-value automotive and architectural window film customers. "
Eastman's paint protection film is a flexible and transparent polyurethane film that helps protect the paint finish of automotive original equipment manufacturers. The product is optically transparent and scientifically formulated to form a strong, reliable protective layer against damage from rocks, salt, insects and other road debris. It repairs scratches by using heat generated by the sun or a car engine. Paint protection films are a growing category of automotive accessories that enhance the aesthetics and service life of automotive and other painted surfaces. Eastman is a market leader in the lacquer mask market. Its brands LLumar®, SunTek® and V-KOOL ™ can meet the needs of car owners worldwide.
The company has announced a series of significant investments in lacquered protective films, including a high-performance film patterning and software excellence center, multiple expansions at the Martinville manufacturing facility, and Core ™ patterning and business operations software.
Eastman is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high-performance window films and paint protection films for the automotive and construction industries. High-performance films are part of Eastman's Advanced Materials business unit.